Humanitarian, musician, medical doctor, missionary, Ph.D. in Divinity, and author, Samuel Deshay, has touched lives. Graced with an array of abilities and a spirit that tenderly turns to humanity, he speaks in so many ways. Samuel DeShay was among five children born to his parents, Williams and Aleatha DeShay. Although not well educated themselves, his parents knew the value of education and was a driving force for their children in getting one. His mother was a spiritual compass in his early life. A strong Christian and member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church she modeled the attributes that would become the hallmark of his life work. An exceptional student, Samuel DeShay excelled in academics and in the arts. Although he attended a segregated high school, he took a Latin class at the all white high school. One day after getting the highest grade on a test, the Latin teacher entered the classroom and expressed her anger to the class for allowing such a thing to happen. At the age of 12 he began to study piano. He took very quickly to this discipline earning the praise and admiration of those considered music elite. Winning competitions and appearing on national television. He was privileged to study with some of the finest teachers and performers in this country and throughout the world. His talent eventually paid his way through college and medical school. In 1954 he entered Loma Linda University Medical School in Loma Linda California. A year later his studies would be interrupted when he found a lump on his thigh. It was a malignant muscle tumor. The doctors were not very optimistic about his future so he left medical school and entered the school of divinity at Howard University. After being miraculously cured of cancer, he would eventually return to medical school where married and graduated. Upon graduation, Dr. DeShay embarked on his long career as a medical missionary. Eventually the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventist asked he and his wife if they would accept an appointment to Africa. They did, and there he worked in government hospitals, organized a culture club and built a first class maternity hospital that has since become the standard for all maternity hospitals. Gaining the trust of African leaders from Nigeria to Uganda, Dr. Deshay has become one of the best known and most loved missionaries to Africa. He and his wife were the last missionaries evacuated from Biafra during Nigeria's civil war. He is credited with eradicating leprosy in Nigeria. In 1987 the Ugandan government asked him to write a proposal for use of the Sessee islands. His proposal was well received by the president. Ten thousand acres were allotted and this would become the foundation of the vision DeShay calls ' The City of Light' The governments vision of this city was that it would not only be a beacon of light for the country of Uganda but for the entire continent of Africa and the world respectively. The Sessee islands are a total of ten islands promoting the best of music, art, literature, health, religion and peace. Guns are outlawed. It is described as a model city for the future and a ' Jewel and Heartland' of Uganda. He is the recipient of many awards including Honored Alumnus from Loma Linda University School of Medicine and Alpha Omega Alpha for physician excellence. Medicines highest honor. Today he makes his home in Columbia, Maryland where he continues his work as a physician and humanitarian. He is a husband and father of two daughters, who followed his footsteps into music and health care.