Educator, Nurse, Humanitarian, Friend
BERNICE DESHAY - her name is synonymous with missions. After all, she's been a nurse for almost half a century, serving primarily in Africa, but giving advice and aid to people all over the world and sharing the love of Christ through the healing message. Her history is simple, being born in West Virginia, educated in Loma Linda California and in Edinburgh, Scotland. She served beside her husband, Dr. Samuel DeShay in Africa off and on for more than 20 years in a number of countries, doing God's work. She has co-authored the famous ' Plus 15' book with him, which has blessed countless hundreds in reducing hypertension, particularly among people of color. Speaker, author, lecturer par-excellent, Professor DeShay has spoken and participated in many lectures and faculty development series, over her 50 years as an educator. Known as a strict but loving educator, she has worked to teach hundreds of nurses to help heal the sick and relieve suffering all over the world. As a presenter and as a nurse, Bernice has worked in a number of nursing arenas, specializing in obstetrics and medical-surgical nursing. As a community activist, Mrs. DeShay has worked in the local church in many capacities including head elder, church board committee member, health ministries member, and many others too numerous mention. Presenting to the world: Bernice DeShay, the mirror of Jesus in the flesh.