Our Mission and Vision


The Human Symphony Foundation exists to celebrate and foster the building of humanity by honoring those who are serving humanity; recognizing unsung heroes, empowering everyday people to become agents of change and using the arts as a vehicle to move and inspire us to move.



We envision an organization that resides at the intersection of the arts and social justice. The Human Symphony is already in existence.  Just by being born we are a part of the symphony, so we strive to articulate the presence of the symphony and encourage participation there in. We are a global voice that seeks to uphold the dignity inherent in every human being.  We will operate as interconnected beings recognizing that each individual is melody and our communion together is harmony.


We plan to leave our world a better place than we found it. We envision attaining our mission through our three core components:

  • Living Legends Awards for Service to Humanity representing the highest honor for those who are in service to humanity, often at great risk to themselves. Unsung heroes that inspire us and propel us to be on the right side of history

  • Living Legends Singers as artists of the highest caliber changing the conversation on the discipline concert stage with a broad emotional and intellectual experience.  We are committed to performing the works of composers that speak to the universality of what it means to be human.

  • HSF Building Blocks Learning Institute to foster creative and socially conscious ideas from the young and the young at heart. Through this scholarship and fellowship we envision participants recognizing need and how they can respond to it with the attributes that is uniquely theirs.​